Maximum productivity, minimum formalities.

A perfect solution to any company that wants to focus on their core business. We take over all the issues related to the management of the staff employed by LAXO Work. As a part of the service, we:

  • recruit candidates
  • are responsible for HR and payroll administration
  • organise working time and work system
  • take over all administrative and legal employment-related steps.

We tailor our outsourcing service to individual needs of each Client. We identify all staff-related processes and we search for optimum solutions aimed at optimisation of employment costs and enhancement of the company's efficiency. Our Clients can focus on their core business, its development and success. Outsourcing services can be summed up in one sentence: Maximum business efficiency, minimum formalities.

Temporary employment

We address the offer of temporary employment to those companies that require flexibility in responding to variable production loads by instantly adjusting the level of employment to their current needs. We successfully meet demands of our Clients during seasonal sales increases, variable production cycles and various absences of permanent employees due to holiday or maternity leaves. We recruit candidates, directly employ personnel at LAXO Work and second them to work for the Client's company. The seconded staff works under the direction and supervision of the Client's employees. We deal with any administrative and legal issues related to the seconded staff.

The optimum level of employment and no need for maintaining staffing structures contribute to the reduction in labour costs.

Permanent recruitment

We relieve our Clients of the burden of handling the process of recruiting employees. We identify needs in the Client's company, determine the strategy for acquiring employees from the internal market and, if need be, from eastern markets. Next, we implement the project in line with the assumptions made and with time frame set for completion.

Try & Hire

It is a unique service combining the benefits of temporary employment and permanent recruitment. The introduction of employees into corporate structures so they could reach their full potential usually takes 3 to 6 months. The fact of directly employing a candidate on a contract of employment forms a long-term obligation that not always results in the desired company-employee symbiosis. We enable the both parties to get to know each other during the term of temporary employment and to make a subsequent, conscious decision about direct employment of a temporary worker by the Client if specific expectations set for such a worker are met.

The Try & Hire service allows our Client to make bolder decisions regarding the increase in their levels of employment since they can reduce labour costs in the initial period of employment of temporary workers and, if it is necessary to suddenly reduce the personnel, they may apply shorter termination notice periods to temporary workers than in case of probationary employees working based on a contract provided under the Labour Code.

Cross-border employment

The constantly growing Polish economy requires new employees from abroad. Very often there is a serious shortage of employees available on local markets. In order to meets demands of our Clients, we offer the provision of outsourcing and temporary employment services, using employees from Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia. We manage complex processes of obtaining residence and work permits for foreigners.

With the unlimited market of candidates, we can provide Clients with an optimum level of employment at their businesses, thus enabling them to develop without hindrances and follow a clear path to success.

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